These are the best Italian food blogs that most reflect the real, authentic Italian cooking, the blogs that sometimes I refer to. These are English written blogs that I have listed and reviewed from my Italian food blogger perspective.

This list is by no means complete, and the choice is expressed upon the authenticity, quality and quantity of the recipes made. As today we can see many Italian recipes which are far too Americanized and an eye was dedicated to food photography as a quality factor as well.

These bloggers spend a deal of time and patience taking awesome pics of their recipes for us to watch and make our mouth-water.

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Italian Food Blogs

The Pasta Project

If you are looking for pasta recipes you don't have to look any further down this page. The pasta project blog will get you fully coverd with authentic iatalian pasta recipes you can't miss. Vegetarian pasta, seafood and lake fish pasta, meat pasta, pasta soups, baked pasta recipes and many more.

Memorie di Angelina Banner

Frank Fariello’s MEMORIE DI ANGELINA is a labor of love for Italian food, he's a real, authentic Italian food blogger. You can browse Frank’s blog by courses or by regional cooking. He knows it all about when it comes to Italian food, with hundreds of authentic Italian recipes to choose from.

And if you are serious about Italian cooking, browse these series of articles written by Frank:

I still have to find a better authentic Italian food blog than Frank’s one. It’s a must read indeed.

Emiko Davies

After 7 years spent in Florence, EMIKO DAVIES author of the blog with the same name has got an high grasp of Tuscany cooking. From appetizers to desserts she made them all sharing techniques and history behind many recipes. You’ll find travels she did and still doing today as a lifestyle across Tuscany.

If you want to know more about the meaning of certain words in Italian cooking, it’s worth reading the page from Emiko’s blog:

I love Emiko’s blog with its beautiful photos, check out what’s new here: Emiko Davies blog


The serious Italian cook Deborah Mele, author of ITALIAN FOOD FOREVER, fell in love with Italian food about 40 years ago, when she married into an Italian family.

Traveling across Italy, she “stumbled” upon Umbria Italian region where now she lives, moving to and from US.

Her blog features a large recipe collection, focused almost on central Italian cuisine.


CHRISTINA’S CUCINA As Christina Conte states she’s on a mission to save authentic Italian dishes from extinction.

The repertoire covers some of her family recipes too as:

Want your best Carbonara? Follow Christina’s recipe and Try To Make Pancetta At Home. The main ingredient for carbonara.


An Italian in Scotland, Federico Pezzaioli author of the blog ITALYUM. Federico has come up with a great section dedicated to Italian bakery with bread & cakes.

Another whole section goes just for pizza recipes, and obviously pasta is there too. Unfortunately, the food photography is not so great and mouthwatering as I expect it to be from a food blog, but I know the recipes are surly good anyway.


ANNA MARIA VOLPI Anna Maria’s kitchen is open with an Italian menu featuring some of Italy’s regional cooking. Most of the recipes have step-by-step pictures that will guide you through the method. This will make the recipe more easy to follow, and that from her basic Italian preparations on how to make and cook pasta until making ricotta cheese.

Jacks food blog has another list of top Italian food bloggers that you might like to give a look at.

How I Chose Which Were For Me The Best Italian Food Blogs

I've searched the web and chose (wasn’t an easy thing to do) the best Italian food blogs I browsed. Searching for authenticity, quality and quantity of the recipes as I wrote at the beginning of this page.

The author, of course, might have on their blog much better posts, pages, categories or archives than I have suggested you here.

Yes, you could not agree with me, with this list. If so, just let me know, and we can always open a friendly discussion about this topic in the comment section of this page.

The list could become longer with time, as I might discover other authentic Italian food blogs while browsing the web. If you have noticed any other that I haven't listed yet, I invite you to let me know about them.