Travel to Lucca in Tuscany

After visiting Florence or Pisa, from either way you came from, think about a travel to Lucca as well. Make a one or even better two days stop and stay in this Tuscany city. Lets see things to do and the touristic attarctions to sightsee in Lucca.

The city is so small that makes it easy even to do as a day-trip. But if you can take a two days stop, then you'll get the full enjoyment of all the principal attractions.

Travel To Lucca

Lucca’s regular grid of streets still follows the pattern of the former Roman colony founded in 180 BC.  The medieval buildings, suddenly reveals churches, tiny piazzas, and many other reminders of the city’s long history, including a Roman amphitheater.

The Walls of Lucca

Famous are the Renaissance walls with great, solid ramparts, built in the 16th to 17th century, help to shut out traffic, making the city a pleasant place to explore on foot or bike. They are the biggest attraction that sourrounds all the ancient city of Lucca.

Lucca 3D Map

S. Martino Cathedral

Inside you can see an ancient wooden carved black crucifix called Holy Face of Lucca (Volto Santo) which is placed inside a little marble temple.

San Martino Cathedral

S. Michele

San Michele in Foro – one of the town’s many fine Pisan-Romanesque churches – stands on the site of the Roman forum (foro), the city’s main square laid out in ancient times. It is still Lucca’s main square today.