This is indeed what I really consider authentic spaghetti alla carbonara from Rome. I visited Rome a few times in my life and since then I always enjoyed eating their best pasta carbonara...

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Walking through the streets of Rome, visiting famous places for tourism and then it won't take much to stumble into a trattoria.

A typical Italian restaurant usually owned by a family, which you might not considered to be part of your touring schedule.

So you must taste their carbonara and further below I'll tell you where...

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Preparation Time: 10
Cooking Time: 10

INGREDIENTS: Yield 2 portions

  • ½ lb. (200g) spaghetti or rigatoni pasta
  • 3 ½ oz. (100g) Italian pancetta (diced bacon) or authentic guanciale
  • 2 eggs (1 yolk + 1 whole)
  • 3 oz. (85g) grated pecorino romano cheese or parmigiano reggiano cheese
  • salt & freshly milled black pepper


  1. With a whisk start beating the eggs in a bowl. Add the pecorino cheese and mix all with fresh milled pepper.
  2. While the pasta cooks take a frying pan for the diced bacon and start to fry it until brown and crisp.
  3. Once the spaghetti are cooked drain and put them in the frying pan with the bacon. Pour over the beaten eggs and cheese, mix all with a fork.
  4. Serve hot with extra milled black pepper and grated parmigiano cheese.


The original recipe does not use cream, so leaving spaghetti lighter and less caloric, but willingly is a variation to try.

Another variation to try is to use half dose of pecorino romano cheese and half dose of grated parmigiano reggiano.

The authentic carbonara just calls for pecorino romano which is better for this recipe. If you like or don't have pecorino cheese you can use instead parmigiano reggiano, but the taste is less strong.


Unfortunately for me the lady owner of my favorite trattoria has retired, and I'm only left with this carbonara recipe. I tried to do my best, but as I said I could just put my hands on some diced bacon I founded at the grocery.

Maybe I could have done a better job, searching for a piece of guanciale, but instead I held on.

I thought, I don't  want to dishearten you , if you might not find guanciale were you live.  ;-)


I'm sure you can have a much better carbonara when in Rome than the one described here. Mainly, because it’s difficult to find the authentic guanciale (pork cheek) at grocery stores abroad.

It’s a real mission even for me that I live in Italy, so that’s why it’s easy to fall back on diced bacon.

But if you are planning to visit Rome in a next future, there are a few places where you can eat a good carbonara.

Check out these restaurants here:

Best carbonara in Rome...


My stomach tears instead of my eyes, my mouth waters leaving me without "liquids".

You know we can't survive without liquids.  :-)

What a bad situation, struggling against spaghetti alla carbonara that are pulling my stomach in...

Bottom line, carbonara is too yummy to resist!   ;-)

Spaghetti alla Carbonara Roman Pasta
carbonara recipe


  • ½ lb (200g) spaghetti or other pasta shape like rigatoni
  • 3 ½ oz (100g) Italian pancetta (diced bacon) or authentic guanciale
  • 2 eggs (1 yolk + 1 whole)
  • 3 oz (85g) grated pecorino romano cheese or parmigiano reggiano cheese
  • salt & freshly milled black pepper
carbonara ingredients
Crack 2 Eggs in a Bowl...

Now there's a reason I did it for two, that's for me and my wife.

But you can scale up and double the ingredients if you need 4 servings and anyway an egg for person.

In a bowl add the 2 eggs (1 yolk + 1 whole), at this stage if your are making this recipe for 4 or 5 servings you can add 4 eggs (2 yolks + 2 whole) so that you'll have enough egg's white.

Beat the 2 eggs with a whisk.

Whisk the Eggs...

Add fresh milled pepper to taste.

Fresh Milled Pepper...

Cook for a couple of minutes stirring often the bacon with a wooden spatula until the fat has become transparent and slightly crisp.

Fry Until Lightly Brown...

Take the mixture of beaten eggs and cheese then pour over the spaghetti.

Pour the Beaten Eggs Over...

Serve immediately, adding fresh milled pepper, and sprinkle some extra grated cheese to your taste.

Yes, spaghetti or another kind of pasta shape makes carbonara a simple recipe and yet very tasty.

Other easy spaghetti recipes I like to make that you can try are spaghetti alla puttanesca with olives and anchovies and spaghetti all'amatriciana.

Add the pecorino and/or parmigiano reggiano to your choice and mix the whole.

Add Pecorino or Parmigiano Cheese...

Take a frying pan, add the diced bacon (Italian pancetta) and this can be done while the pasta is cooking.

Fry the Bacon or Pancetta...

Once ready throw the spaghetti in while they are still warm.

Throw Spaghetti in the Pan...

With a wooden fork twirl and turn the pasta until all is well mixed before making the portions.

Turn Until Well Mixed...